Find out what your customers need

Easily build, share and analyze beautiful online surveys that get responses

More than 700 companies get better quality feedback with Innubu.

Start getting feedback at lightning speed

Create a beautiful, complete survey in seconds. An intuitive interface means it’s easy to get started - no tutorial required. And your respondents will find the responsive surveys as easy and fun to take as they are to make!

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Get the responses you need to make data-driven decisions

A little incentive goes a long way in making your surveys attractive to the right people. Drive participation by adding a sweepstakes to your survey and easily get the number of responses you need to draw meaningful conclusions.

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Reach new audiences

Tap into the power of social media to expand the reach of your surveys. Sharing incentives make your surveys more viral -- bringing in more perspectives, and introducing your business to new audiences.

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Identify trends in real-time

Instantly see patterns and demographic trends with easy-to-read survey analytics tools. Advanced filtering allows you to overlay answers to multiple survey questions and focus on the metrics that matter to you.

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See who answered what, then get in touch

Do more than gather feedback - start a conversation! Filter your survey respondent list to see who said what, and engage segments of your audience by providing relevant offers or following up on their concerns.

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As a solopreneur myself I need feedback from my clients, I need to get detailed information from them. I´ve tried all kind of different survey platforms on the web, most are difficult, I've got to learn a whole new platform, they are not easy to use and they don’t give me very detailed information. Innubu has allowed me to create surveys very easily, get very detailed information, I know who’s saying what so I can take care of problems when they arise or I can give praise to those who are praising me. Innubu has allowed me to take my business to the next level.

Ed ArellanoBusiness Coach